Bulk Truck Deliveries - Daily Balancing

The Bulk Truck Delivery reports are important because they provide accurate data to generate reliable Management reports and they help ensure all gallons are billed properly.

Reviewing the Bulk Truck table and reports should be done every day as part of the daily balancing.

  • Review the Bulk Truck Delivery report to ensure the driver's information is posted correctly.
  • Run Metered vs. Delivered report.
  • Run reports by driver and/or truck.
  • When entering a trip manually, the trip must also be entered into the bulk truck delivery.

The Bulk Truck Delivery report can be run by going to Main Menu / Bulk Truck Delivery / Reports.

The above report shows inaccurate mileage so it is of no value to a manager. Remember - drivers enter mileage manually, so there is always margin for error.

Areas highlighted in yellow below are items in question.

  • A zero in all fields could indicate a driver started a shift and ended it right away.
  • The meter may not have communicated to the handheld.
  • Why is this mileage so high? This should have been corrected.
  • If corrected and managed daily, the monthly and yearly reports will always be accurate.