Energy Force

Julian Schedules

When a Tank Delivery Type has been identified as a Julian, the system requires that a schedule be applied so that routing systems know when to schedule.

K-Factor Deviations

As deliveries are made to Auto-Fill tanks, a new K-Factor is calculated for the tank based on current and prior deliveries. When a K-Factor wants to adjust by a value greater than what’s allowed in the Division table, a report generates to notify of the deviation for review.

Manifolded Tanks Setup

Two or more tanks are manifolded together with one point of delivery. A primary tank will be identified as the delivery point while the other tanks serve as part of the overall tank capacity.

Processing Menu

The Processing Menu can be found directly under the Supervisor Menu (on the left side of the Main Menu).

Split Bill Tanks

Split Tanks are used when a delivery made to one tank is billed to multiple accounts. The account to which the tank is currently assigned is considered the primary tank holder. All other accounts are considered secondary.