End Meter Greater than Beginning Meter Next Day - Daily Balancing

Ensure the meter ending one day is the same amount to start the next day. Additionally, validate the total meter gallons and total gallons delivered balance.

The ending and beginning meters may not match if:

  • the driver made a delivery without a handheld (ex. using a spare truck and not set up to use a handheld).
  • the driver switched trucks.
  • the meter is not interfaced and the driver keyed in the numbers incorrectly.
  • the driver only got the meter block ticket when delivering to a customer, causing the Gallons Delivered to be different than meter gallons.

From the Trip report, make sure Metered Gallons equals Invoiced Gallons.

There could be a variance if:

  • the driver only received the meter ticket.
  • the driver manually entered the totalizer reading and recorded it incorrectly.

All differences need to be researched to make sure everything is being billed properly.