Dispatch Calendar

How to Access

Method 1:

Select the Calendar icon located in the top left corner of Energy Force or EnergyService.

Method 2:

Press Alt+D on the keyboard from any screen in Energy Force or EnergyService.

Method 3:

From the EnergyService Menu, select Dispatch Calendar.

Calendar Features

The defaulted view is the Work Week View.

  • Display Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.
  • The calendar reverts to Work Week View when exited.
  • View Service Orders by specific technicians or all.
  • Different Status Codes are color coded (Dispatched, Enroute, Arrived, Clear).
  • Cleared jobs auto-remove from calendar displaying only open SOs.

Update Status Codes

To update Status Codes, double-click on the Service Order.

  1. Right-click on the Service Order header and choose the current status (Dispatched, Enroute, Arrived, Clear).
  2. Press Esc or Exit to return to the calendar.
  3. The calendar will update to the new status color.