Contains all information pertaining to Census road data. When zoomed out, only major road names are visible. Lesser road names will appear when zoomed in far enough.

Road Edits

This layer will contain any editing done to the existing road layer. Any roads added or modified will be placed on this layer.

Propane Tanks

Contains tank data obtained from EnergyForce. Tanks are color coded by route and the symbols correspond to threshold levels and zoom levels (closer zoom means more detail). When zoomed in far enough, each tank will display a number and the tank type. The number represents the estimated number of gallons to fill the tank. The following are the default symbols for the different delivery types, but these can be changed with the Settings button in the toolbar. 

  • Star – Call In 
    • Colored Outline – No active/scheduled delivery, appears when zoomed in 
    •  Filled – Active call-in; not yet delivered 
    •  Black Outline – Immediate fill; call-in 
  • Cross – Julians 
    • Colored Outline – Outside the days before schedule filter (see Settings section under Toolbar), appears when zoomed in 
    • Filled – Within the days before schedule filter but not past the days after schedule             
    • Black Outline – Past the days after schedule filter 
  • Circle – Auto-fill tanks with fill threshold above 25% 
  • Triangle – Auto-fill tanks with fill threshold above 12% and up to 25% 
  • Square – Auto-fill tanks with fill threshold under 12%
    Note: For all Auto-fill tank symbols the following applies: 
    • Colored Outline – Outside specified threshold filter range (see Settings section under Toolbar
    • Filled – Within the threshold filter range 
    • Black Outline – Critical level (below 12%) 

Other (Non-Propane) Tanks

Contains tank data obtained from EnergyForce. Other Tanks are considered to be any tank type which is not Propane. This layer shares the color and symbol scheme of Propane Tanks but fuel type letters will vary by tank type. The available tank types depend on the data set up in EnergyForce.

Yards and Fill Locations

Contains information about yard and remote fill locations. Their shapes on the Map View tab correspond to the type of fill location and are always solid black. 

  • Square – Yard 
  • Triangle – Remote 

Note: All Yards are also considered a remote fill location.

Schedule Layers

There will be multiple layers for any schedules that are created. Each truck will have its own layer on the map for its schedule. This will give the ability to turn on and off specific schedules to see only certain ones. If the same truck has schedules listed for multiple days these will be listed individually.

Propane Boundary Lines

Contains information on the boundaries between routes. When loading or reloading the map, a check is made for an existing boundary file. If none exist, then the application will attempt to calculate bounds and save them to the database server (or local path if the server path cannot be found).

Other Boundary Lines

Other boundary lines are the same as Propane Boundary Lines but are for refined fuels, or any Tank Type that is not propane.    

GPS Tracking

This layer will house the symbols for the trucks when using the Fleet Tracking function of the map. Currently trucks will be shown as a red triangle. The path the truck has taken will be a black triangle. If the black triangle is not filled in this means that the reading is more than an hour old (or older than the setting listed in the Settings menu).