EnergyMap - Troubleshooting Tips

Tanks are Missing

  • Check the filter settings. It may be possible a filter is turned on preventing certain tanks from displaying.
  • Review the tank layers. A tank layer may be unchecked.

Scheduled Routes did not Write to Energy Force

  • Always select the Commit Layer Changes icon after scheduling tanks for delivery.

Route Boundary Lines did not Save when Created or Modified

  • Always select the Commit Route Boundary icon after creating or editing a boundary.

Map Suddenly Closes

  •  This may be a licensing issue. Contact SSI if the map will not reopen.

Map Layers Disappeared

  • Close EnergyMap and reopen. If the layers are still not present, it may be a permissions issue. Contact SSI Support.

Detail does not Display when a Tank is Selected

  • Make sure the appropriate tank layer is selected.