EnergyMap - Scheduling Tanks

  1. Select the appropriate Tank Layer located on the Layers tab (Propane or Other Non-Propane Tanks).
  2. Select Scheduling on the Palette.
  3. Choose Create Schedule. This will activate Scheduling mode.
  4. Select anywhere on the map. The Manual Schedule feature will display.
  5. Fill out the information for Name, Date, and Route.
  6. Select the Truck. If a refined fuel truck is chosen, Fuel Types will need to be specified for each compartment.
  7. Select OK.
  8. Review the tanks on the map pertaining to the route. The tank symbol will be present with the estimated number of gallons to deliver to fill the tank to 80%.
  9. Begin by choosing tanks needing routed. The Tank Details panel will display. This allows the customer account and tank to be reviewed prior to being scheduled.
  10. Select Schedule to add to the schedule or Cancel to choose a different tank.
  11. As tanks are scheduled, gallon values remaining on the truck will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. If gallons are exceeded, a message will appear to warn the dispatcher but will not prevent the tank from being scheduled.
  12. Additionally, a route line will appear from the designated yard assigned to the route. This route line will continue to draw as each tank is scheduled.
  13. If more than one tank is present when selected, the Select Object screen will appear. Highlight and choose the tank.
  14. When the route is complete, there are two options:
    • Option 1: Finalize the Route
      1. Press Shift and double-click anywhere on the screen to finalize the route.
      2. The Finalize Schedule screen will appear.
      3. Modify the route as necessary by changing or removing a stop.
      4. Select OK when finished. This will add the Schedule to the Layers tab.
      5. Select Commit Route Layer on the toolbar to save.
    • Option 2: Add Another Run to the Route
      1. Select the storage yard the driver will use when refilling the truck. This will be the starting point for Run 2.
      2. The Manual Scheduling screen will appear once more to refill the truck and start new. There will not be an option to choose another route or truck.
  15. Continue to schedule tanks and generate runs as necessary.
  16. Press Shift and double-click to finalize and select OK when all necessary modifications have been made.
  17. This will save the route schedule to the Layers tab.
  18. Select Commit Layer Changes to save to the Energy Force Print Map Scheduling screen.
  19. Select any Palette feature or layer to exit scheduling.

View a Schedule on the Map

  1. Select the schedule layer.
  2. This will prompt the Table View to display the route along with detailed information.
  3. The map will display the route and indicate the Run number and sequence number.