Encrypted Device Payments in Energy Force

Send Payment to Device from Posting Menu

  1. Main Menu / Posting Menu / Make Device Payment
    Note: Private user permission required for this screen.
  2. Select customer using the magnifying glass or by entering Division and Customer Number.
  3. Payment Apply To: select Balance, Contract, or Budget
    Note: Budget will only be an option if the customer has an active Budget.
    • Balance Payment – Total balance on account will populate as the Payment amount.
    • Contract Payment – No amount auto populates; transaction will update an existing active contract for Payments Made.
    • Budget Payment – Monthly budget amount will populate as the Payment amount; transaction will update the Number of Payments for the customer’s budget.
  4. Department and Fees will update based on the EF Portal XRef Setup relationship for Department, Payment Type, Payment Apply To, and Fee Amount/Department.
  5. Billing Address populates from the customer’s record.
  6. Payment section is populated based on Payment Apply To selection, however is open to be modified to desired payment amount.
  7. Budget and Contract sections are for informational purposes.
  8. Click Submit to send the payment to the device.

Send Payment to Device from Customer Maintenance

  1. Main Menu / Customer Menu / Customer Maintenance
  2. Navigate to customer account.

  3. Click Pay to the right of Last Payment Date.
  4. Select appropriate Payment Apply To option.
  5. In the Billing Address section, click the magnifying glass to search the device the card will be processed.
    Note: Case sensitive search
  6. Update the Payment amount if necessary.
  7. Click Submit to send payment amount to the device.
  8. Energy Force will display a Processing message.
  9. Once customer completes the transaction, Energy Force will display a Transaction message based on the processing results.
  10. Click the red X in the top right corner of the Device Transaction Processing screen to escape out.

Cancel Payment on Device

  1. If incorrect payment amount is sent to the device, press the red X (cancel) button on the device. After Energy Force receives the cancellation request, the correct amount can be resent to the device following the directions above.