Inventory Transfers from Truck Computer

Truck Load/Unload from Energy Track will communicate and import into Energy Force for electronic tracking.  The inventory transfers will also export to a .txt file when the Daily Clear process is performed.  This will enable Energy Force users to track how many gallons are pulled from storage facilities without having to review the daily Trip Reports.


Storage Inventory Setup

Storage Locations need to be entered into Energy Force as usual. However, there is a column to indicate the actual product in the storage tank.  

Go to Main Menu / Storage Inventory / Maintenance Files / Tank Truck Storage Maintenance.

To apply the product, press F5 in the Dept # field.  The Department Maintenance table will display.  

Highlight the product and choose Select.  Choose Save when finished.

Truck Computers - Load & Unload

In EnergyTrack, the drivers will continue to Load or Unload the truck compartments as usual.  

When the daily trip has ended and the system is communicated to Energy Force, the TripDtl.txt file will process into Energy Force with an L to indicate a Load, and U to indicate an Unload.

Truck Computer - Compartment Transfers

When utilizing a refined fuel truck, the drivers have the option to transfer product from one compartment of the truck to another.  This has no overall effect on the inventory; but will display on the trip report that a compartment transfer took place.  

Inventory Transfers Screen

When trips are imported into Energy Force, compartment loads and unloads will write to the Inventory Transfers program located in the Storage Inventory Menu.

  • Trip ID – This is the trip number from the truck computer import.
  • Seq Number – This is the sequence number for the transfer.
  • Transaction Date – This is the date of the load or unload.
  • Transaction Time – This is the time the load or unload occurred.
  • Driver ID – This is the Driver Number signed into the trip.
  • Division Number – This is the Division number of the truck chosen during Start Shift.
  • Truck ID – The truck number is displayed.
  • Doc Type – L indicates Load and U indicates Unload.  There will be no entries for Compartment Transfers.  
  • Division Number – This is not used at this time.

  • Storage Id – The storage facility chosen for the Load/Unload displays here.
  • Gallons – This is the number of gallons loaded/unloaded.
  • Department Number – The Department Number associated with the Storage ID displays.
  • BOL – This area is not used at this time.
  • Created Date – This the date the trip was imported into Energy Force.
  • Created Time – This the time the trip was imported into Energy Force.
  • Export Date – This is the date inventory transfer information was exported to accounting systems.   If dates display as 00/00/0000, then the transfer information has not yet been exported.
  • Export Time – This is the time inventory transfer information was exported to accounting systems.

Exporting Inventory Transfer File

The Inventory Transfer files are exported to the Interface folder (or path indicated in the .ini file) each time that the Master Daily Clear process occurs. This file will be imported into an accounting system.