Cylinder Tracking


Cylinder Tracking allows for the setup of Cylinders in the customer tank file to keep track of exchanges that are made with each delivery.

  1. On the Tank Info screen, press Ctrl+C to create an entry for a Cylinder.
  2. Select Y for company-owned or N for customer-owned. If company-owned, a list of Inventory Tanks will be displayed. Select the Cylinder. If the Cylinder is not present in the Inventory file, it will need to be created.
    1. Under Tank/Meter Maintenance, set up a tank with a Tank Type of CY or a custom Tank Type. (Ex: C4 for 40# cylinder or C2 for 20# cylinder). 
    2. Under Additional Info add the Location code of the Cylinders (if tracking), Total Cyl Quanity, and Total Cyl in WH (Yard). Whenever there is a transaction, these fields will be adjusted automatically. The Cylinder Type only needs entered once.
  3. Continue with the setup similar to a regular propane or refined fuel tank by entering Customer Type, Delivery Type, etc.

When entering a Cylinder Tracking Tank Type (i.e. Cy, C4, C8, etc.), the system will display a form asking for additional information relevant to Cylinder customers. Important information includes:

  • Exchange Only – The system will not allow dropping Cylinders in a quantity different than the quantity picked up. If that option is marked, Requested Quantity will be disabled.
  • Requested Quantity – The system will check the quantity on hand and the total requested unfulfilled quantity and show the available quantity. The system will allow a Requested Quantity greater than the quantity on hand but will issue a warning.
  • Requested Date – This is available for Will Call customers only. The system will create a single Julian date record with the requested information.
  • Estimated Usage – This field will have an initial estimate of Cylinders per week from the customer and will be updated every posting.
  • Cyl Tran History – The Cyl Tran History automatically gets updated at the time of Cylinder Sales Processing.

Set Up New Cylinder Tracking

  1. Navigate to the Customer Maintenance Menu and select the appropriate Customer.
  2. Select Tank Info and press Ctrl+C to add a tank.
  3. Enter Yes for Co Owns.
  4. Search for the Cylinder Tank Type (C2, C3, etc.).
  5. Select the Cylinder Tank Type to be applied to the Customer account. This will return to the Tank Setup screen.
    Note: A Cylinder tab will appear next to the GPS Tank Coordinates tab.
  6. Continue with setting up the cylinder similar to setting up a standard tank indicating Customer Types, Delivery Types, Products, pricing, etc.
  7. Select the Cylinder tab.
  8. Choose Exchange Only.
  9. Optionally enter the number of estimated Cylinders to be used per week in the Estimated Usage (Cyl / Wk) field.
  10. Enter the total Cylinders to be applied to the site in the Total Cylinders Onsite field. This will reduce the inventory available in the warehouse for the Tank Type.
  11. Enter the Optimal Cylinder Quantity to keep on site.
  12. Select Save. Cylinder exchanges can now be performed in Energy Force and EnergyTrack.