Customer / Tank Inquiry - Propane

This feature enables the driver to review information pertaining to a customer such as Credit Limits, Tanks, Budget information, account balances, etc.  Customers are listed by last name, first name, or by business name.  Modifications with regard to customer tanks cannot be made within the Inquiry menu as all changes must be made within the Unscheduled Delivery menu.

Search for Customer by Name

  1. Tap in the field directly under the Name column.
  2. Begin typing the last name of the customer or the first name of a business. As the letters are entered, the program begins to arrange and sort.
  3. Select the customer name to display the corresponding information. 
    • Customer Name and Customer Number
    • Phone and Work Phone numbers
    • Customer Credit Limits and Aging (useful when on-call for off hours)
    • Budget Payment information
    • Customer Credit Terms (useful when on-call for off hours and Call-In customer types)
    • Safety Information – Last Date safety information was sent
    • Alt Credits (balance information for Agris interface users)
    • Last Payment date and amount.

Select Tanks to review information regarding tanks for the highlighted customer.  


This tab displays pertinent route information such as, Cust. Type, Delv. Type, Product, Price, etc.

If the customer has an active meter that has not received a meter reading, a red border will be around the Meters button. See Meter Readings for instructions.

See Calculate Dollars for instructions on using this button.


If the highlighted tank has an active contract, the Contracts tab will be highlighted in blue.  This tab displays contracts associated with the selected tank, active Dates, Price, Gls Left, and Bill Type (pre-buy, cents down).  


This tab displays driving or delivery Directions for the delivery location as well as the delivery Address.  The tab also displays Special Instructions associated with the selected tank. This tab will be highlighted in red if there are special instructions listed for the selected tank.

Call In/Hold

Information pertaining to Call In information will be listed on this tab with regard to Estimated Percent and Comments.  If the tank is on Hold, a Reason code will display along with the date the tank was placed on hold.

Tab colors will appear based on the following conditions:

  • Blue – There is an active Call-In for the selected Tank.
  • Orange – The Preset Gallons field will display in orange if the Call In is set for specific gallons.
  • Red – There is an active Hold on this Tank.

Update %

This tab is used to update the percentage of propane in the tank without making a delivery. It is unavailable on the Customer/Tank Inquiry screen. See Update % for more information. 


If currently attached to the selected tank and filled out properly, the tab will be highlighted in gray. If required information is missing such as manufacturers, stages, unknown manufacturers, and dates, the tab will be highlighted in red.  See Regulators for details on how to set up and modify registers.