Regulators - Propane

To add a regulator once a tank has been selected:

  1. Select Create.
  2. Enter the Model number if known.
  3. Tap in the Manufacturer and Stage fields. This will produce a listing of regulator manufacturers for selection.   
    • If the regulator manufacturer is unknown or is not listed, select 999 Unknown.
    • If Unknown is chosen, the driver will be prompted to enter a Description for Manufacturer/Stage when Save is selected. This comment will communicate to Energy Force and display as a Sticky Note in the Tickler program.
  4. Enter the Manufacturer or Stage in the Comment section (these can then be added to the maintenance table in Energy Force and then be adjusted in the office once received).
  5. An Add button is present if additional regulators need to be added to the tank after an initial entry has been made.  
  6. If a regulator needs to be modified, select Modify and adjust the information as needed. Once adjusted, choose Save