Placing an Order

The Order button gives the ability to request a delivery for the selected tank.  The company's delivery policy and Tank Capacity are shown at the top. Many companies have a minimum gallon policy and charge a fee if the minimum isn't met. If there is no set policy, then a message stating No delivery policy set displays at the top of the Order screen.

Place an Order

  1. Enter the Current Percent Left in the tank.
  2. Choose Fill or Other.
    • Fill - Automatically calculates the Gallons Requested to fill the tank to 80%.
    • Other - Enter a specific number in the Gallons Requested field.
      Note: Gallons requested will not auto-populate, but will require the consumer add gallons requested. The error message remains if the requested amount puts the tank over 80%.
  3. Enter the Gallons Requested only if using the Other option above.
  4. Enter any comments to attach to the delivery request.
  5. Select Submit.
  6. A message will appear at the top of the screen indicating the request has been submitted successfully.

Note:  If a tank is on hold or a pending order exists in Energy Force, the Order option will be disabled.