March 2023 Release Notes

Consumer Portal

  • EFW-1012 / One Time Payment – When making a one time payment, multiple payment methods are not available.
  • EFW-1019 / Energy Force Customer ID – The Energy Force Customer ID is now displayed after the consumer's name on the portal.
  • EFW-1025 / Release Date – The release date of the current version is now available on the user drop-down menu.
  • EFW-1031 / Auto-Fill Order – The Gallons Requested are no longer automatically filled when using the Other fill option.
  • EFW-1017 / Convenience Fee – If both Credit Card and ACH payment options are available, a convenience fee will not be added to ACH payments.
  • EFW-1003 / Zip Code Field – When creating a portal account, the Zip Code field now stops at five digits.

Merchant Gateway

  • EFW-1018 / NMI Gateway Fields Updated – NMI Gateway fields for Division, Energy Force Customer #, and Payment Apply To are now updated when a Customer Vault record is created from the EF Portal. These fields are also knows as Merchant Defined Fields 18, 19, and 20.