Load / Unload Truck - Propane

This feature is used to load and unload the trucks. Fuel Transfers are then listed on the Trip Report printed at the end of the shift.

  1. Select Load / Unload Truck from the Delivery Menu.
  2. Select the Type of Transfer (Load or UnLoad).
  3. The Truck Compartment defaults to Propane.        
  4. Select the Storage Location by tapping Choose.
  5. Enter the Beginning % Full (percentage in the truck prior to loading).
  6. Enter the Ending % Full (percentage in the truck after loading).
  7. Enter the Temperature (F) (temperature of the product at the time of loading).
  8. The system will calculate the Gallons Loaded or Unloaded on Truck based on the compartment size, beginning and ending percentages, and volume corrections for the temperature entered (temperature compensation).
  9. Checkmark the Product was Odorized? option.
  10. Tap Continue.
  11. Select OK on the Fuel Transferred Successfully message.