Presets - Propane

If the Call In/Hold tab on the Tank screen is highlighted in blue, it indicates that there is an active Call In for the tank. When this tab is selected, any preset amount will be listed in orange above the Comment field.  If using an LCR meter that is configured for preset deliveries, preset gallons will be sent to EnergyTrack from the Call In screen (Minimum Gallon entry in Energy Force). When the register reaches the number of gallons entered for the Call In, the meter will stop pumping automatically.

  1. With the tank highlighted, select Deliver. This will display the Multi-Pumping screen.
  2. The Preset Gallons must be the first product pumped in order for the register to stop at the correct number of gallons.
    • If more than one delivery is required for the customer, pump the gallons after the initial preset delivery gallons.
    • If the customer account has more than one tank with preset gallons, the tickets must be invoiced separately rather than on one Invoice.
  3. The register will stop at the preset amount. Turn the register knob to Print to finalize the delivery gallons.  
  4. Select Finished Pumping on the Multi-Delivery screen and complete the Invoice as usual.