Glossary of Terms

Auto schedule – A tank delivery type (2); customer does not take action to receive a delivery

Compliance – Following the Optimizer schedule consistently to the highest extent possible

Critical Tank – A Critical tank is defined as one of the following 3:  1) A tank that has fallen below the critical limit established for the route set in the Routes to Schedule table. 2) A tank that has fallen below the monitored critical refill level.  3) A tank that has surpassed the Days After value for a Call-In or Julian

Critical Threshold – The lower limit of the thresholds that defines an auto schedule tank as critical

Delivery Type – An Energy Force code and description that dictates how the Optimizer will schedule the tank.  

Forcing Routes – Turning on the Override Parked Trucks setting in the Opti+ Calendar Tool

Julian – A tank delivery type (3); a delivery schedule will be defined for a tank based on a defined interval basis (Ex: 30, 60, 90 days or the 15th of every month)

Limit Threshold – The lower limit of the thresholds that defines when an auto schedule tank is considered critical and must be scheduled

Monitored Tank – An auto scheduled tank that routes based on readings from a remote tank monitor, which is installed on the tank; this tank will have tank levels imported into Energy Force on a consistent basis

Overcapacity – When the OptimizerPlus reaches the maximum schedule hours for a driver, however there are still tanks defined as critical that cannot be scheduled in the specified driver hours

Route – A geographical territory

Run – A series of tank deliveries (stops) that are filled in a single truck capacity load

Schedule – A route’s deliveries for the day in sequential order

Starved Behavior – The Optimizer must find tanks to deliver to, therefore schedules can be less efficient because it must drive greater distances to fill a schedule; reducing the number of routes results in improved stats because the Optimizer has more tanks to choose from when building schedules

Stop – Individual tank deliveries (these are in sequential order)

Target Threshold – The upper limit of the thresholds that defines when an auto schedule tank is at an appropriate level to schedule

Will Call – A tank delivery type (1); this delivery type will only schedule when there is an active call-in entered in Energy Force for this specific tank

kFactor Tank – An auto schedule tank that schedules based on the estimated gallons in Energy Force; these tank levels are depleted based on the degree days and daily use when the SDD runs

Yard – Starting and ending point for a schedule (Y)

Storage Tank – Tank that can fill a truck on a route in between runs