17.252 | 05.30.2023

Energy Force

  • Brut 551 / New Maintenance Tables (Internal Release) – New tables have been created in Energy Force for items previously housed in the ini file. These items will be migrated from the ini file to the new tables the first time Energy Force is opened. There are 3 sets of the tables; one set for Energy Force, one set for EnergyTrack (HH) and one set for Mobile Service (MS).  These tables are located in Energy Force under Supervisor Menu / Maintenance Menu / System Maintenance. There is a new user right to access these tables.
    Important Note: The first time Energy Force is opened the HH Logical Names and MS Logical Names tables have 5 entries that will need to be updated prior to running downloads for the mobile devices.

    The screenshot below shows the 5 lines in 2 tables that need to be updated and what the values should be.

    Also verify the HHDATASEND and HHDATARECEIVE lines in the HHLogical Names table and the MSDATASEND and MSDATARECEIVE lines in the MSLogical Names tables.  These need to be correct prior to running downloads to mobile devices.