17.261 | 10.30.2023

Energy Force

  • BRUT-526  / New Reconciliation Report – A new reconciliation report for Energy Force Portal payments is on the Posting Menu and can be run by the payment date with recent payments taking up to 5 minutes to display.    Balance and Budget run payment reports now run to a csv file instead of video.  

  • BRUT-587  / EnergyService Header Updated – EnergyService menu header has been updated to say EnergyService instead of displaying Energy Force.
  • BRUT-694  / Right Click Utility Menu for Contract Imports – Validation on Customer Number, Contract Number, Contract Dates, Price Code, and Bill Type have been added to the Right Click Contract Import Utility.  This import now also works with Product Level Contracts and will then validate on the Product\Department number.
  • BRUT-742  / Energy Force 'Check For Updates' – Energy Force updates work as expected with a non default SQL port.
  • BRUT-759 / Tank Analysis Julian Export ReportJulian Schedules Export will now display all schedules when when a tank has multiple schedules.
  • BRUT-772  / Device Payment Options Hidden – Device Payment options are now hidden instead of disabled when a user doesn’t have the payment integration right.
  • BRUT-779 / Contract Dates – Contracts are being sent to the handhelds as expected