17.262 | 11.27.2023


  • BRUT-172  / Master Asset Transfer – Customer owned tank transfers no longer write an entry to the Tank\Meter inventory history.
  • BRUT-608  / Price Code XRef – EnergyForce has new functionality for the contract import to bring in multiple price codes based on the Contract Bill Type.  The change is beneficial for contract prices that fluctuate.  Under the Posting Menu/Contract Import is a new Price Code XRef button.  This cross reference is for Contract Bill Types where the price fluctuates so the contract needs to be on a regular price code that has a rack code attached.
    Enter the Division, Contract Bill Type and the Price Code for that Contract Bill Type to use.  Any Contract Bill Type that is not listed in the cross reference table will use the Agvance Price Code as usual.
  • BRUT-631  / Scheduled Tasks – EnergyForce Portal Payment task scheduler can now be setup to call EnergyForce directly instead of calling the batch file and set to stop the task if it runs longer than 1 hour.  This allows the task to close when finished running or force closed after an hour to prevent sessions that are hung up.
  • BRUT-754  / Auto Task Run Log – Auto Task Run Log has been added to the Automated Tasks.  The log will store 30 days of information, including Run Date, Run Time and Duration.


  • BRUT-747  / Search by Department Number – EnergyTrack now has the ability to search for the Product\Department by Product\Department Number.
  • BRUT-796  / Browse Tables – Browse tables have been created on EnergyTrack under the Utilities/Administration for HHEnvironmentConfig, HHLogicalNames and HHPrinters.  They have also been created on MobileService under Administration for MSEnviromentConfig, MSLogicalNames and MSPrinters.
  • BRUT-800  / Point of Origin Taxes – Point of Origin Taxes based on County are working as expected.