Windows Update Impacting Cognitive 4inch Printer

Windows KB5019959 is impacting the Cognitive 4inch printer in a couple of significant ways causing different behaviors:

  1. Changing USB002 port.
  2. Deleting one of the printers entirely (4inch or the 4inch2).


The solution depends on which behavior is being exhibited by the handheld.

Behavior 1

  1. Navigate to Control Panel / Hardware & Sound / Devices and Printers, right click on the printer and select Printer Properties / Cognitive Advantage 4inch (or 4inch2).
  2. Select the Ports tab.
  3. Scroll to the USB002 port and select by checking the box on the left.
  4. Choose Apply and let windows process then choose OK.
  5. Restart to finalize changes.

Behavior 2

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to C:\CognitivePrintDrivers.
  3. Scroll  to the bottom and select Prnnst.exe, select Yes on the prompt.
  4. Select Next in the small window then in the right column select Cognitive Advantage 4 inch.
  5. In the smaller window that appears select Add new printer.
    1. If the 4inch2 printer is needed in the Printer Name field add a 2 next to inch without a space and select USB002 from the left side menu labeled ports.
  6. Select Finish and restart to finalize.