OptimizerPlus 2020K | 10.11.2023

  • BRUT-523 / Set Start at a Non-Filling Location – Optimizer can now be set to start at a non-filling location such as a driver’s home on run 1.
    In order to use this functionality go to the Supervisor Menu/Maintenance Menu/Optimizer Maintenance/Yard and Remote Tanks GPS. Add an entry for the non-filling location (Description - drivers home) with the coordinates (X1 and Y1), Setup Mins and Pumping Glns/Min should be set as 0.  In the box on the right enter the Div, and Route this entry is for and set Location Type to  Non-Filing and Save.
    Next select Supervisor Menu/Maintenance Menu/Optimizer Maintenance/Routes to Schedule.  On the route that the Start Location is going to be non-filling (drivers home), go into Modify Mode and use F5 to select the non filling Start Location.  If the Start Location for a route is the yard then the Start Location will stay as 0.
  • BRUT-602 / Update Email Format of Gallon Projection –  Optimizer email format has been updated in the Gallon Projection section to display the projections horizontally instead of vertically. This improves readability and decreases the amount of scrolling needed.
  • BRUT-603 / Critical Gallon Projection Chronological Order – Critical Gallon Projection section of the Optigistics email will display routes in numeric order on all databases.