17.249 | 03.08.2023

Energy Force

  • BRUT-569 /Tablet Communication Log Import – Tablet Communication Log imports as expected when the counter number exceeds 999.


  • BRUT-531 / Mobile Service Tablet Communication Log – Mobile Service communication has been added to the Tablet Communication Log located under the Management Reports Menu / Exception Report Menu / Tablet Communication Log.  Communication logs will post when Post Re-engineered ET or Post Mobile Service is run or manually by clicking the Import Communication Log button at the bottom of the Tablet Communication Log screen.
  • BRUT-545 / Warehouse Number Warehouse number in the master clear file is in the same position in the pm.dat file for both invoices and void lines.  This is for Daily clear file #12, warehouse number starts in position 1117.


  • BRUT-224 / Multi-Delivery Invoice  Contract overage on Multi-Delivery invoice posts to customers account as expected.
  • BRUT-544 / Vehicle Inspection Report Vehicle inspection report displays full truck number as expected.