17.248 | 02.21.2023


  • BRUT-207 / Terms of Use and Privacy Policy – The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have been added to EnergyForce at Help / About.
  • BRUT-222 / Customer Number when Voiding – The window displaying available tickets no longer covers the Customer Number when voiding a ticket.
  • BRUT-483 / Federal Taxes Split Contract – When invoices have more than five taxes, the split bill and contract are posting the taxes as expected.
  • BRUT-511 / Schedule Import – OptimizerPlus schedules import into EnergyForce when the table does not exist or the table exists but is empty.
  • BRUT-516 / SDD Notification – The SDD process now sends notifications when the server is updated to TLS1.2.
  • BRUT-525 / Improved Update Process – The update process has been improved with the following changes:
    • The update process will copy the update files to the same directory from which the program is initiated; it is no longer hard coded to the App folder.
    • An additional check was added to allow for non-EnergyService users.
    • A list of Update Prerequisites was added.
    • Log files are created in the Ctls93\DD85\Logs folder. Log records now include the user along with acceptance or declination on the prerequisites.
    • Old update files with the same name are deleted at the beginning of the update process.
    • Verbiage has been updated to a better description during the update.
    • An additional check was added to see if EnergyForce.exe is currently in use in any non-local instances. This informs the user running the update that the update cannot proceed while the program is in use and will cancel the update process.
  • BRUT-527 / Merchant Maintenance – Options have been added to the Online Merchant Setup to identify if credit card and/or ACH payments are accepted at Supervisor Menu / Setup Options / EF Portal Setup / Online Merchant Setup.


  • BRUT-363 / NTEP Certification Name – The NTEP Certification Name has been updated to Software Solutions Integrated, LLC.