17.231 | 05.04.2022

– Key Highlight

Energy Force

  • Remote Monitors – Remote monitors left at 0% in Target and Critical thresholds created prior the change requiring these fields to be populated are modifiable as expected.
  • Optigistics – Several OptimizerPlus changes from Optigistics have been incorporated into Energy Force. A setting in the ini file is no longer required for these items.
    • Summer Fill mode calculates Call-In gallons to deliver as expected.
    • Monitored tanks in Summer Fill mode will receive their first delivery based on the Summer Fill Target level. All subsequent fills in Summer Fill mode will schedule when the monitor is at the critical level set up on the monitor.
    • Tanks and Drivers in all Divisions are exporting as expected in OptimizerPlus.
    • New Export and Import routines are in place to enhance the speed of OptimizerPlus.
    • The program parses tank names from the original value to display the correct yard RRN.


  • Mobile Service Trips – The length of the msservloc.dbx file has been increased to accommodate the longer County Code field so the rural flag is included.
  • Invalid Item Numbers – EnergyService does not accept invalid item numbers. A prompt will display to enter a valid number.